Tips for First Time K-pop Collectors


Hello everyone, I’ve always wanted to make a post to help people start their kpop collections and so here it is! I hope that, maybe, this will help someone with starting their collection 😊


Tip One: Not Everything Has To Be Official ❤

  • I know a lot of people when they first start out want all the official stuff, and yes official things are nice but they aren’t the cheapest things out there. Sometimes the unofficial things are better quality than the official ones. What I’m trying to say is, don’t turn down the unofficial things because even if you don’t want it anymore, you could give it to another first time k-popper as a gift!

Tip Two: Money Issues Can’t Stop You ❤

  • Just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t have k-pop stuff! There are other methods of creating your own k-pop merch, like making collages to put in your binders or stick on your walls, or taking old t-shirts and creating your very own k-pop related shirt! (P.S. Also check out YouTube for K-pop DIYs to give you ideas and spark your creativity 💞) And even after that there are ways to get money, like asking for money on your birthday or maybe doing chores in exchange for money or even selling some old things that you don’t want anymore 😊 (Just don’t do anything illegal, OK? 😜 That was my lame attempt at a joke~)

Tip Three: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That Its A Waste Of Time/Money ❤

  • A lot of people get told that buying k-pop merch or listening to k-pop music is a waste of time and/or money, but that’s not true, if you genuinely love k-pop and all of the mercy you are buying don’t let anyone make you feel bad for buying it or listening to it! As long as you’re not neglecting everything (meaning school, homework, ect.) because of it then everything should be great 😊

Tip Four: Trading/Buying Photocards ❤

  • Here’s my advice for trading/buying photocards, whether its on YouTube, Instagram, ect., be wary because they could potentially scam you out of your money or cards. I’ve also seen where people have sent fakes instead of the real photocard. Another bit of advice for this is to either ask for proof that they’ve traded and/or sold cards before and its been successful or ask around and see if anyone has traded/bought from them before. (P.S. Also to tell the difference between a fake and a real photocard check out YouTube because there are several people who’ve made videos on the subject 🌸)


This is all I could think of for now but if I think of anything else I will make another post 😊 I hope that this will help out any new k-poppers ✨


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