Anime Tag (Part 1)


I keep finding tags that I want to do on my YouTube but I don’t like to show my face, so this will be what I look at once I finally gain the courage to show my face 😣 Sorry if that’s random, but I wanted to say why I was posting so many tags. Also, my next post may be delayed since I’m still reading Scarlet, but I have several things planned to post after my review of Scarlet 💕 (There will be a part 2 posted tomorrow)

🌸 Who is your favorite male anime character? 🌸

My favorite male anime character is Grell from Black Butler, he’s probably my #1 husbando ❤-❤

🌸 Who is your favorite female character? 🌸

Its hard to choose, its a tie between Nozomi from Love Live and Shiro from No Game No Life 🎲

🌸 What is your favorite anime soundtrack? 🌸

I really love the Vampire Knight soundtrack, its always stuck with me ever since I first watched it.

🌸 What is your favorite opening animation? 🌸

Its hard to decide between Vampire Knight, Bleach, Black Butler and Code Geass ❤

🌸 What is your favorite ending song and animation? 🌸

I love all of the ending songs and animations from Inuyasha, they’ve always been my favorites (I know all of the lyrics to them, that’s how much I love them)

🌸 What is your favorite anime scene? 🌸

My favorite scene is extremely shojo-y, but I love it when the two main characters pass by one another and cherry blossoms are flying around, its hard for me to describe 😆 I believe there’s a scene like this in Ouran High School Host Club, I can’t remember though.

🌸 If you could meet any anime character, who would it be? 🌸

I would like to meet Boris from Alice in the Country of Hearts because I really love the world and Boris is one of my husbando’s 😳

🌸 What is your favorite thing about anime? 🌸

I love that anime has so many  different aspects to it and that you can always find a character to love and relate to, and I also love how I’ve met so many great people because of anime 😊

🌸 What is your least favorite thing about anime? 🌸

Fans, not all but there are certain ones who get angry if you like the same character. Or the ones who say ‘I can’t be friends with you or date you because you have (certain anime) as one of your favorites’. And also the ones who tell you that your not a fan of an anime because you don’t collect all of the merch. (This goes for k-pop too, and also this was a little bit of a rant so I’m sorry about that)


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