AOA Cream 질투 나요 BABY (I’m Jelly BABY) MV + Song Review


I forgot that this MV was going to come out today, so I was surprised when all of the AOA fansites started posting about it 💕 So I’m extremely happy and decided why not do a review on the MV and song, since AOA is one of my favorite girl groups 😊 Sorry if this isn’t great, I’ve never reviewed a MV before 😅


AOA Cream is a subunit from the Korean girl group AOA, or Ace of Angels, that consists of the members Hyejeong, Chanmi and Yuna. 질투 나요 BABY, or I’m Jelly BABY, is their first single.

💖 Song 💖

The song is extremely catchy and cute, with the lyrics matching Hyejeong’s dilemma in the music video. The vocals were amazing and Chanmi’s rap was perfection 🎤

💖 MV 💖

The music video was so cute! It had a little story in it where Hyejeong’s boyfriend tells her he’s doing something but the girls see him outside of the cafe with another girl 😠 So, the girls decide to take revenge on him by transforming into magical girls and messing with him 😉✨ The dance was fun, cute and a little sexy (in true AOA fashion) with a lot of aegyo-ie moves included. The outfits were extremely cute with tons of pastels and hearts, perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Here’s a link to the MV ⤵

AOA Cream 질투 나요 BABY (I’m Jelly BABY) Music Video


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