K-pop Tag


I have another k-pop tag that I’ll post later, but its 69 questions so it’ll (probably) be in 3 parts 😅 Also, if you’d like to know what exactly I’ll be posting on here check out my ‘About’ on the menu! I’m going to try and update it with new post plans every once in a while (I updated it today, so check it out) 🎆

🎧 What group got you into k-pop? 🎧

f(x) with their song Electric Shock ⚡

🎧 What is your bias group right now? 🎧

Super Junior 💓

🎧 Has k-pop hindered your life in any way? (Like with friends, family, ect.) 🎧

Maybe a little, but k-pop helped me when bad stuff kept happening. They probably found it a bit odd that I loved it as much as I did 😅

🎧 What’s your favorite k-pop song of all time? What about right now? 🎧

My favorite song of all time is either No Other by Super Junior or Heartbreaker by G-Dragon 💜 And my favorite song right now is I’m Jelly Baby by AOA Cream 🍦

🎧 What fangroup(s) do you identify with? (I.e. VIP, Blackjack, ect.) 🎧

ELF, ME U, S❤NE, EXO-L, Shawol, Elvis, VIP, Blackjack, Carat, Once, ect. I identify with tons 😅

🎧 Do you like k-pop songs from 2008 and back? If not, why? 🎧

Yes! I love older k-pop songs 💝

🎧 Do you like Big Bang? Super Junior? DBSK? SS501? U-Kiss? Beast? MBLAQ? Or do you only support girl groups? 🎧

It may seem like I only support girl groups, especially if you look at my Instagram, but I listen and love all the male groups listed 💋

🎧 Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara, or CSJH The Grace? 🎧

(Not sure if this means do I listen to them or choose one 😅) SNSD 💘

🎧 BoA or Lee Hyori? 🎧


🎧 SE7EN or Rain? 🎧


🎧 TOP, G-Dragon or both? 🎧

G-Dragon, even though I love both 😘

🎧 Favorite solo artist? 🎧

Eric Nam and G.NA 💓

🎧 Who would you want as a sibling? 🎧

Luna or Amber from f(x) 😊

🎧 Who’s your favorite member from SNSD? (Its impossible to hate all of them) 🎧

Sunny bunny! 🐰

🎧 What is your least favorite concept/era from your favorite group? 🎧

Maybe Mamacita, I don’t know why I just wasn’t very fond of the concept even though I love the song 🌹

🎧 In your opinion, what fanclub is the calmest? 🎧

Well, they all go a little bonkers when someone is insulting their group but I believe the calmest ones are Bestfriends, or the fans of Boyfriend~

🎧 What is your favorite concept/era from your favorite group? 🎧

The No Other/Bonamana era is probably my favorite 🎆

🎧 What fanclub scares you the most? 🎧

EXO-L’s seem like the most out of control fanclub out there 😅

🎧 What’s your favorite song dedicated to fans? 🎧

Its either Marry U by Super Junior or From U by Super Junior 💓

🎧 Name your top 10 biases 🎧


  • Leeteuk
  • Woozi
  • Heechul
  • Baekhyun
  • Xiumin
  • J-Hope
  • G-Dragon
  • Hoshi
  • Zelo
  • Key


  • Sulli/CL/Sunny
  • Amber
  • Tiffany
  • Joy
  • ChoA
  • Hwasa
  • Lizzy
  • Eunjung
  • Jiyoon
  • Eunji

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