K-pop Tag #2


So here is part one of the 69 question k-pop tag~! This part will have the first 20 questions 💝

🌟 Your top 10 favorite groups? 🌟

  • Super Junior
  • f(x)
  • Seventeen
  • AOA
  • EXO
  • Big Bang
  • Girls’ Generation
  • 2ne1
  • SHINee
  • Red Velvet

🌟 Top 5 biases? 🌟


  • Leeteuk
  • Woozi
  • Heechul
  • Baekhyun
  • Xiumin


  • Sulli/CL/Sunny
  • Amber
  • Tiffany
  • Joy
  • ChoA

🌟 Your ultimate bias? 🌟

Leeteuk from Super Junior 💓

🌟 The first ever k-pop song you listened to? 🌟

Electric Shock by f(x) ⚡

🌟 Top 3 girl groups? 🌟

  • f(x)
  • AOA
  • Girls’ Generation

🌟 Top 3 boy groups? 🌟

  • Super Junior
  • Seventeen
  • EXO

🌟 Your favorite song by ___? 🌟

I’m just going to answer for my bias group and that would be No Other by Super Junior 😊

🌟 Your ultimate OTP? 🌟

EunHae because they’re so cute together 😍💕

🌟 Your favorite MV by ___? 🌟

I’m going to go with Super Junior again so Me by Super Junior M, and yes I consider Henry and ZhouMi as full members of Super Junior 🍭

🌟 How long have you been into k-pop? 🌟

Since around May/June of 2012 🎆

🌟 Your ultimate female bias? 🌟

I have 3 since its hard for me to choose just one ultimate female bias, so its Sulli (f(x)), CL (2ne1), and Sunny (Girls’ Generation) 💞

🌟 Your ultimate male bias? 🌟

Leeteuk from Super Junior 😝💖

🌟 Your least favorite group? 🌟

I don’t have one because I try out different songs and if I don’t enjoy the song then I most likely won’t listen to that group again ✌💘

🌟 Your least favorite song by your favorite group? 🌟

I don’t really have a least favorite song from Super Junior 😅

🌟 The best k-pop dance? 🌟

Its hard to decide, its either Girls’ Generation’s I Got A Boy, Seventeen’s Adore U, or Seventeen’s Mansae 😅✨

🌟 In your opinion, who in k-pop has the best rapping skills? 🌟

G-Dragon, even though I love a lot of rappers but G-Dragon is really great at what he does 😊

🌟 Your favorite dancer? 🌟

Eunhyuk and Hoshi, I can’t choose 😅💞

🌟 Your favorite leader? 🌟

Leeteuk and its not because he’s my ultimate bias (I would explain but it would be a really long explanation 😅)

🌟 Your favorite maknae? 🌟

Henry! 😆

🌟 Your favorite visual? 🌟

Vernon from Seventeen, but I’m not entirely sure he’s one of the visuals 💟


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