K-pop Tag #2 (Part 3)


Here’s part 3, I hope you all enjoy!

🌟 Favorite instrumental by ___? 🌟

Donghae and Eunhyuk’s Still You 💞

🌟 Your favorite album from ___? 🌟

I’m going to go with my favorite album from my collection which is either I Got A Boy (SNSD) or Sexy, Free & Single (SuJu) 😆 Both are really great albums 🌠

🌟 Do you look at a groups music skills or looks? 🌟

Music skills, it doesn’t matter how good looking the group is, if I don’t like their music I won’t listen to them 💕

🌟 Your favorite femaleXmale OTP? (If you have one) 🌟

I don’t really have one, except for the ones where I ship my friends with their biases 😅

🌟 What song do you listen to when you’re upset? 🌟

It depends on what ‘type’ of upset I am, so I don’t really have a specific song that I listen to when I’m upset ✨

🌟 A song that makes you happy? 🌟

Adore U by Seventeen 💖

🌟 A song that reminds you of someone? 🌟

I don’t have any songs that remind me of someone 😅✨

🌟 A MV that has made you cry? 🌟

It isn’t an MV but there’s a performance by Tiffany and Wendy that made me cry, they were performing Dear Mom 😭 (Tiffany lost her mom when she was around 11/12 💔)

🌟 The funniest MV is? 🌟

Doom Dada by TOP 💞

🌟 Your favorite rap part? 🌟

G-Dragon’s One of a Kind, but the whole song is entirely rap so 😅

🌟 A moment in a MV that gave you the chills? 🌟

In Big Bang’s Let’s Not Fall in Love MV G-Dragon stares at the camera and the look in his eyes gave me chills and made my heart skip a beat 😳

🌟 The best female rapper is? 🌟

Lee Chaerin, aka CL aka Queen, is the best female rapper 👑💞✨

🌟 The best male rapper is? 🌟

G-Dragon 🐲💕

🌟 Your favorite sub-unit? 🌟

Super Junior M 😆✨

🌟 If you could be a ‘cordi-noona’, which group do you want to do their make-up and dress up? 🌟

Any group, Seventeen, EXO, Super Junior, AOA, SNSD, f(x), ect., I wouldn’t mind 😆💞

🌟 If you could be manager to ANY k-pop group, who would it be? 🌟

Seventeen or EXO ❤

🌟 If you could be the CEO of an entertainment company, what ent. company would it be? 🌟

SM, to take care of all the bad things that happen 🌠

🌟 Kiss, f*ck, marry ___, ___, and ___? (Band member) 🌟

I’m going with Hyejeong (AOA), Jaejoong (JYJ), and Baekhyun (EXO) 💕 I would kiss Hyejeong, f*ck Jaejoong and marry Baekhyun 💍

🌟 A place you want to take you and your bias to? 🌟

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or Disneyland 🙌💞

🌟 Ballads or up-beat songs? 🌟

Depends on my mood 💜


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