K-pop Tag #2 (Part 4)


Here’s part 4, I hope you all enjoy!

🌟 Your top 5 pictures of your bias without makeup? 🌟

I had a hard time trying to find 5 different pictures of just one bias but I found one for each of my ultimate biases 💕





🌟 Put your iPod/phone songs on shuffle. The first song is the song you and your bias are going to get married to. 🌟

Party by Girls’ Generation 🎉✨🎊

🌟 What’s the first k-pop related thing you see when you look to your left? 🌟

My Woozi concert photocard 💞

🌟 What would you do if you could have your bias for one month? 🌟

I would make them rest and then take them out for picnics and just have fun while they take a break 😆

🌟 If your favorite group came to your door, what would you do? 🌟

Hyperventilate while staring at them because I’m weird and don’t know how to act when it comes to things like that 😅

🌟 The weirdest dream you’ve ever had about your bias (or other k-idols)? 🌟

I had a dream last night where Dino (Seventeen) and I were running up a staircase made of ice cream and we were trying to get Vernon (Seventeen) to come with us but he wouldn’t because the staircase was starting to melt 🍦

🌟 Ever been to a k-pop concert? 🌟

No 😭😭💔

🌟 Your favorite fanart of your bias? 🌟

I’m not sure who its by but if anyone knows, let me know in the comments so I can give them credit 💐


🌟 Why do you like k-pop? 🌟

I like k-pop because of how different it is from Western music, its unique and fun! The dances are eye-catching and creative 💞 Its just full of a lot of things that Western music lacked for me 😅💖


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