What’s In My Bag?


Here’s my what’s in my bag? post, sorry that its late ✨ My phone was shut off, but now that its back on I have a couple new things to post! I was hoping to make a video to go along with this but that won’t be happening any time soon since I’m working on other things for my channel (I still plan on doing one though) πŸ˜…


My bag is pretty standard I suppose, its a flower print Unionbay bag with two smaller pockets and two large. Most of the pins on the front came from Hot Topic (Totoro, Black Butler, Crowley, Snow White and Castiel quote), the one that isn’t from Hot Topic is from my high school homecoming dance. The keychains are Captain Hook (Hot Topic), Peter Pan (Hot Topic), Castiel phone strap (Hot Topic) and a red panda (Kawaii Box).



I tend to carry a lot of things that could keep me busy if my phone isn’t working or I don’t want to use it, so I keep an Ariel journal (Books-a-million) full of kind comments from friends and quotes that I love, a sketchbook (Wal-Mart) and a book (which is currently Cress). The part two picture shows the other things I carry in that pocket/compartment, which is a makeup bag (Dollar General) that holds my chapsticks and hair accessories since I don’t use makeup, my wallet (Shoe Sensation) that has my ID, discount cards from Hot Topic and Books-a-million, a Yu-Gi-Oh card (Masked Hero Koga) from my brother, and some business cards/notes/ect., and my pencil pouch (Kawaii Box).


Lastly, we have the items from the last 3 pockets, which are my fingerless cat gloves (eBay), a nail file and pen, and my earphones πŸ’ž


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