Mamamoo (마마무) Melting Album Review/First Impressions


I wanted to try out new things on here, so since Mamamoo came out with their first full length album I thought ‘why not’ 😊 Below the afirst impressions/reviews will be the link to the MV, teaser pictures and sites where you can buy the album! 💞 I’m very proud of Mamamoo and how much of a part they played in creating these wonderful songs ✨ Reminder that this is my first time trying something like this so its probably not very good 💕


Track List:

  1. 1cm의 자존심 (Taller than You)
  2. 우리끼리 (Words Don’t Come Easy)
  3. 넌 is 뭔들 (You’re the Best)
  4. 금요일밤 (Feat. Junggigo) {Friday Night}
  5. 고향이 (Hometown)
  6. Emotion
  7. I Miss You
  8. Funky Boy
  9. 나만의 Recipe (My Recipe)
  10. 고양이 (Cat Fight)
  11. Just
  12. Girl Crush


1cm의 자존심: Very catchy chorus and the meaning behind it is in the title, its a fun song about bragging that your taller. There’s an MV (linked below), but I’m not going to review it since its not the title track 😊

우리끼리: Words Don’t Come Easy was a very different from the first song, which was more rap and had a faster tempo, but this song was mellow and smooth. With the saxophones in the background it sounded like it should’ve been playing in a jazz club or something. Moonbyul’s rap contrasted perfectly with the rest of the song and I can really see myself putting this on repeat and relaxing.

넌 is 뭔들: You’re the Best is a song that makes you feel good and want to dance, it was very catchy and fun 🌸 The lyrics are about a girl telling a boy she likes that he’s the best, essentially 💌 Also, the MV was extremely cute and sexy, it showed all the girls charms perfectly (its linked below) I can’t wait to see the live performance for this because I bet the full dance is wonderful 😊

금요일밤 (Feat. Junggigo): Friday Night gives me the vibes of an EXO song I can’t remember the name of currently (I’m not comparing them I’m just saying it gave me the same feels) You can feel the emotions in Mamamoo’s and Junggigo’s voices and its certainly a feel good song (I’m sorry if this makes no sense but I have a hard time writing my thoughts out)

고향이: Hometown sorta reminds me of elevator music (in a good way though), its very relaxing but I have to admit its not my favorite song 😅

Emotion: Emotion gives me the vibes from early 2000 songs, super cheerful and it sounds like you should play it with your windows rolled down 💞 Its just a very fun song ✨

I Miss You: I Miss You is a song full of longing for a relationship from the past, and even though the tempo isn’t ballad-y it gets its point across with the passion and longing in the girls voices ❤

Funky Boy: Funky Boy has an interesting beat to it, there’s an odd but pleasing sound during the chorus 🎀

나만의 Recipe: My Recipe has the sound of those old cartoons, like Betty Boop, just with a faster beat ✨ Seriously, these girls can sing anything and have it sound amazing 💕-💕

고양이: Cat Fight has a really nice jazzy feel to it, my favorite part is when they go ‘me-ow~’ 🎵 Its got a retro feel to it (like a lot of the other songs) that’s extremely pleasing to listen to 💟

Just: Just is sort of a ballad-y song, its a really pretty sounding song that may be one of my favorites from the album 💐

Girl Crush: This is actually an OST the girls sang but its an amazingly fun song, and I have to say it was a great ending to this amazing album 💓 The girls tried out different styles (most of them being retro) and conquered them all 💖


1cm의 자존심 MV

고향이 (Hometown) MV

넌 is 뭔들 (You’re the Best) MV


Where To Buy: eBay, Yesasia, Kpoptown, ect. (I’ll update this with links later) 💞















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