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TaeTiSeo Dear Santa + EXO Sing for You Unboxings


I uploaded two new videos to my YouTube (sulli.baby) yesterday, so for an in depth look at the pictures in both albums check out the links 💕 The only thing is I didn’t have photocards to show since I traded one and sold the other 😆


📝 TaeTiSeo Dear Santa 🎅

🎄 Red Version 🎄


I’m not sure how long it took for Dear Santa to get here since it was a Christmas present and my mom hid it, but I know the poster didn’t come till a few days after since it was in a poster tube. When I ordered there wasn’t any color options yet, but I ended up getting the color I wanted anyway. The album itself is excellent quality, I just wish they would’ve done something different when putting the photobook in because mine is already starting to come out and I’ve only opened it a few times since I got it. But other than that, everything is wonderful, I adore the pictures (especially the ones with the Christmas lights, those are my favorites) I loved the photocard I got (which was the mint green Taeyeon one) but since I don’t collect Taeyeon I ended up trading her 😿 I still haven’t gotten the other albums that TaeTiSeo has put out but I plan on it soon 💞


🎤 EXO Sing for You 🎶

❄ Sehun Version ❄


Just like with Dear Santa, I don’t know when Sing for You came since my mom hid them both. And also like Dear Santa, I didn’t know there where different versions and even though I didn’t get my biases (Baekhyun/Xiumin) I’m pretty happy with who I got. I love the album itself but I wish they had chosen a better material to make the album with because its extremely flimsy. Other than that I love the album. Lay’s photocard was so hard to part with because it was such a cute card, but since I don’t collect him I had to sell him 😿 But he went to a wonderful home, so I can’t complain 💖


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