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Apink 2016 Seasons Greetings Unboxing


I finally uploaded this unboxing after three months of already using the calendar, but I say better late than never πŸ’• I also uploaded my manga collection update (I’ll make a post about it) for the beginning of 2016, even though its also three months late πŸ˜…



This was another Christmas present, I ended up ordering it two weeks before and it came a few days before Christmas. It came well protected in a cardboard box, but the box that the calendar came in (the official box, I suppose) was way too flimsy. It was kind of like cheap cardboard, like the stuff that cereal boxes are made out of, and it could’ve been made out of a better material that would’ve protected it more. This is my first seasons greetings and it came with: calendar, photobook, photocard, standees, and a magnetic bookmark. The calendar itself is gorgeous and is great quality. The pages themselves are sort of separated (you can see it in the unboxing) instead of being just one solid page, which is an interesting way to do a calendar and I’ve never actually seen one done like this so that’s great. The photobook is also gorgeous, it has more pictures from the calendar photoshoot and the photobook is also great quality, but the back corner page is starting to separate from the back cover. But its not too bad, I can just put a tiny dot of glue and fix it. I think my favorite out of all the photoshoots is the nature shots, just 😍. The photocard is from the last photoshoot in the calendar/photobook, which is sort of wintery themed, and even though I love Naeun, she’s up for trade. The standees and magnetic bookmark are both from the second photoshoot in the calendar/photobook, and they’re all super cute! I currently have the standees on my k-pop album shelves, but I haven’t used the bookmark yet since I’m kind of afraid that the girls will end up fading off of the bookmark πŸ˜…βœ¨


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