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Black Butler (黒執事) Volume 2 Review





As high society’s social calendar opens up and the Season draws to a close, London is gripped by fear. Someone has taken to stalking women of the night and painting the town red… in their blood. But while the name on everyone’s lips is “Jack the Ripper,” the name on Queen Victoria’s lips is Phantomhive. Summoned to London to clean up the mess created by this madman, young earl Ciel Phantomhive arrives with his extraordinary butler Sebastian, at his side to pour him tea, polish his silver, and… investigate a serial killer!


This volume was a lot darker than the first, and the reason for that is because Ciel and Sebastian are investigating the infamous Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper is an unidentified serial killer (1888-1891?) who murdered prostitutes and took their internal organs. Yana Toboso is great at research because the details that others wouldn’t have paid much attention to, she did, which makes it much more enjoyable for someone who enjoys things like this. We also get introduced to several new characters, two of which we saw briefly in the first volume: Madam Red, former Baroness, aunt to Ciel and is employed at the Royal London Hospital; Lay, British branch manager for the Chinese trading company “Kong Rong”; Grelle Sutcliff (😍), butler to Madam Red and also Grim Reaper; and Undertaker, undertaker (obviously 😆) and informant for Ciel. Finally we get to see Ciel and Sebastian’s investigating skills as they go through London, chasing Jack the Ripper as “he” murders women. The big reveal at the end of who is Jack the Ripper continues to slightly stun me, even though I’ve reread this volume several times, its that surprising.


Who’s your favorite character so far?


✨ Grelle! Always and forever 💞


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