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Black Butler (黒執事) Volume 3 Review





Terrorizing its populace, Jack the Ripper has shaken London to its very core. But when Sebastian Michaelis, singular butler of the Phantomhive house, lays bare the madman’s true identity, all that is left for him to do is eliminate the perpetrator in the name of the Queen and Phantomhive. But inhumanly efficient skills don’t guarantee victory when the opponent is just as supernaturally gifted! And though Sebastian may be able to save Ciel from physical harm in the battle ensues, will the young earl ever recover from the emotional scars it will leave on his heart?


⚠ Don’t Read Unless You Want To Be Spoiled ⚠

In this volume we had a continuation of the Jack the Ripper arc/storyline from the previous volume. The storyline ended on a bitter note with the death of Madam Red, Ciel’s aunt, by her own partner in crime, Grelle. We also got to see her Cinematic Record (its what the Grim Reapers look at to see whether a person should live or die) from the age of 15 to the present. Reading (and seeing) her Record and knowing her reasoning behind killing those women, it makes you wonder if it was pitted against her from the start. I mean I know it kind of was, Yana Toboso made it that way for a reason, but my heart ached because of all the things Madam Red had to go through. She lost everything she loved and cared about, and you can just feel her pain through the pages. Yana Toboso does a great job at pulling at your heartstrings, I almost started crying reading Madam Red’s story.

During Grelle and Sebastian’s battle, we get introduced to a new character: William T. Spears, who is from the management division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch. I know we’ll end up seeing him again, so I hope that when we do, we’ll get to learn a little more about this serious Reaper. We also (I say that a lot 😅) get to see Madam Red’s funeral, which was really sad and surprising once Ciel appears, and a command to Sebastian by Ciel as they stand in front of Mary Kelly’s grave. The last chapter is bittersweet, sort of, because we get to meet Lizzy’s mother and see them as they celebrate Ciel’s thirteenth birthday. The reason I say its sort of bittersweet is because we get to see/read a little of Lizzy’s sadness at Madam Red, or Aunt An’s, death. All in all, this volume was bittersweet (I say this a lot too, sorry 😅) but also full of action.


What is your favorite quote from this volume?


(Sebastian) If you so wish, I shall accompany you until the very end. Even if the throne crumbles and the shining crown rots away. Even if countless bodies pile up there will I remain, upon the heap of carcasses beside the little king who lies silently until I hear the final call.


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