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Black Butler (黒執事) Volume 4 Review





London -the capital of the Great Empire- is once again under siege, as a string of bizarre attacks on British citizens returned from India sends rumors flying and casts a pall upon Queen Victoria’s rule. Sent in by Her Majesty, young Earl Phantomhive and his most capable butler, Sebastian, follow a trail that collides head-on with an Indian youth who claims to be a prince. And this prince possesses an extraordinary butler of his own! As an intense rivalry between the two butlers begins to form, will the kitchen be the dueling duo’s final battleground?!


⚠ Don’t Read Unless You Want To Be (sort of) Spoiled ⚠

At the start of this volume it throws you right in to the ‘mystery’, which is great since sometimes Yana Toboso puts a fun/funny chapter in the beginning, but most of this book was funny. Also, we get introduced to two new characters, Prince Soma and Agni, the prince’s <khansama> or butler. Both the prince and Agni are really fun characters, with the prince acting as a sort of ‘older sibling’ (I’m using that loosely since most of the time Ciel acts older) with his teasing and nicknames and Agni as his faithful protector. Lau gets shown quite a bit as he ‘helps’ (using helps very loosely) Ciel with the case Queen Victoria has tasked him with. I will continue to say this, Yana Toboso’s attention to detail is spot on, from the clothing to the story of the goddess Kali, everything was perfect ✨ We also get a glimpse into some of what happened to Ciel after his parents were murdered and his home was burnt. This was such a great volume, if I had to describe it in one word I’d say ‘competitive’ since a lot of the chapters dealt with a sort of competition between Agni/Sebastian and Ciel/Soma.


Who’s your favorite character from this volume?


Agni, he seems so kind and protective 💞


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