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Black Butler (黒執事) Volume 5 Review





For an impeccable butler like Sebastian Michaelis, the word “impossible” is just not in his vocabulary. Everything demanded of him under the English sun is well within his grasp. But do his talents extend to things under the scalding Indian sun?! As Harold West Jeb’s plan to use Agni, Prince Soma’s superhuman butler, in a curry battle to win himself a Royal Warrant is exposed, Earl Ciel Phantomhive sets Sebastian to the task of creating an incomparable curry to defeat the despicable trader. But how can Ciel’s devil of a butler possibly best Agni, the man with the Right Hand of God?!


⚠ Don’t Read Unless You Want To Be Spoiled ⚠

We start off this volume where we left off in the last, finding a curry to beat Agni’s and also the curry battle. The battle was great and everyone’s reactions to the flavors in the curry were (kind of) hilarious. It reminded me of the way people describe Food Wars reactions to food and flavors. We also finally get to see Queen Victoria, who is very different than the Queen Victoria in the anime. The Queen in the anime seemed fragile, but the manga version of Queen Victoria was tough, fun and all around amazingly kind. And we get to see Mina and know her reasoning for leaving precious Prince Soma behind (which is actually the same for both the anime and the manga) and the reason why Agni was working for Mr. West in the first place. (It was a very sweet and kind reason and I almost cried, not gonna lie 😆) Agni and Soma’s relationship is so cute, my heart swells every time they interact. Agni’s kindheartedness does not stop there because he tries to confess to the police, I laughed so hard at the lengths Sebastian had to go through to try and stop him. I love all of these characters so much, each new character adds so much to the story and it just makes everything so much better. (I said so much a lot in that last sentence, oops 😅) Did anyone catch the hint at the new arc/storyline? I’m so pumped, I love circuses so much (I did it again; I’m even writing a novel about a circus) and I’m already sort of acquainted with the characters since I watched the first two episodes of the Book of Circus season. Prepare yourselves for even more fangirling in the next review! 💞 (PS I love how much Soma has grown since the last volume, I know he still has some way to go but my heart and I’m so proud 😝)


What’s your favorite quote and character(s) from this volume?


(Soma) Forgive me for making you shoulder such heavy burdens all this time. Won’t you come back to my side and be my <khansama> again? Agni?

(Agni *crying*) <Jo Aagyaa>

And Agni and Soma for my favorite characters 😆💞


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