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Black Butler (黒執事) Volume 6 Review





The cheer of the holidays has passed, but the Noah’s Ark traveling circus has been making the rounds, bringing fun and joy to children of all ages. However, as the ringmaster’s cries fade away, a disturbing trend begins to surface in the wake of the colorful entourage. Children seem to disappear whenever the circus packs up for its next destination, and there are no clues… or corpses… to be found. But when the situation calls for Ciel and Sebastian to infiltrate the big top, will Sebastian’s inhuman skills be enough to see him and his young master through a treacherous tightrope act that may well end in death?


⚠ Don’t Read Unless You Want To Be (Sort of) Spoiled ⚠

This volume starts the Noah’s Ark Circus arc/storyline, or better known as the Book of Circus (which is the anime’s title). This volume was so, so good, and yes I am biased (I love circuses, sue me 💕) but everything in this volume brings up so many questions. Why are the children going missing? What did William mean when he said ‘we will judge a large number of souls in this vicinity’? My mind is swirling with all of these questions, its just making me want to get the next book just so I can get some answers! Since we don’t have much information yet, except that there are children going missing and that this mysterious ‘piper’ seems to know who Ciel is, I’m pretty sure that this is just me fangirling mostly (sorry 😆) Can I talk about Doll for a minute, because she is a princess (Joker was right when he said this) and her clothes are swoon worthy 😍 I mean I love everyone’s clothes (especially Ciel’s, his are my second favorite) but Doll’s are personally my favorites out of everything. They are delicate, white and full of roses, one of my favorite combinations. I also really love how she pops up behind Ciel in the last chapter 😆💞


Who’s your favorite troupe member so far?


Doll 🌹 (but I love the others too)


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