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K-pop Album Collection Update (May 2016)


Like with my manga collection post, I just wanted to post this so I could have a count of how many albums I have šŸ’• The video will be linked below, so if you’d like to check it out, you can (its missing a few albums since I had gotten them after I had already recorded the video) šŸ˜…šŸ’˜


(Collection Update)

Total: 60

  • Sistar Sweet & Sour -Signed by Hyolyn-
  • M.Pure Rumor -Signed by All Members-
  • Girls’ Generation I Got A Boy -Sunny ver.-
  • Seventeen Hide & Seek -Hide ver.-
  • Super Junior T Rokuko
  • Super Junior Bonamana -B ver.-
  • Super Junior Bonamana 1st Japanese Single -Taiwan Press-
  • Super Junior Sexy, Free & Single -A ver.-
  • Super Junior KRY Promise You -CD/DVD; Taiwan Press-
  • Super Junior Blue World -CD; Taiwan Press-
  • Super Junior Blue World -CD/DVD; Taiwan Press-
  • Super Junior Mamacita -A ver.-
  • Super Junior This is Love -Leeteuk ver.-
  • f(x) Pink Tape
  • ZE:A Yokohama Concert DVD
  • SHINee Sherlock -Japanese Single-
  • SHINee Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me
  • ToHeart 1st Mini ToHeart
  • 2ne1 Crush -Pink ver.-
  • ToppDogg Anniversary
  • Infinite H Fly High
  • Infinite Be Back
  • EXO-K Miracles in December
  • EXO-K Overdose
  • EXO Sing for You -Sehun ver.-
  • Girls’ Generation MrMr
  • TaeTiSeo Dear Santa -Red ver.-
  • AoA Red Motion
  • AoA Miniskirt
  • AoA Short Hair
  • AoA Miniskirt -1st Japanese Single; CD-
  • AoA Miniskirt -1st Japanese Single; CD/DVD-
  • After School Rambling Girls/Because of You -Taiwan Press; CD/DVD-
  • After School Lady Luck/Dilly Dally -Taiwan Press; CD/DVD-
  • After School First Love -Jung-A ver.-
  • After School Heaven -Uee ver.-
  • Orange Caramel My Sweet Devil -Taiwan Press; CD-
  • Orange Caramel Catallena
  • T-ara John Travolta Wannabe
  • FT Island The Mood
  • CNBlue Can’t Stop
  • B.A.P One Shot
  • B.A.P First Sensibility
  • NU’EST Special Single
  • BTOB Thriller
  • BTOB Beep Beep
  • VIXX Voodoo Doll
  • GOT7 Got It?
  • Apink Mr. Chu -Eunji ver.-
  • Apink NoNoNo -Eunji ver.-
  • U-Kiss Believe
  • B1A4 In the Wind
  • B1A4 Who Am I -CNU ver.-
  • Secret Gift from Secret
  • M.Pure New Born Empire
  • SM the Ballad Breath
  • Oh My Girl 1st Mini Oh My Girl *not included in video*
  • WJSN/Cosmic Girls Would You Like? *not included in video*
  • Fairies Kiss Me Babe *jpop; not included in video*

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