May Haul


I’m sorry for not posting much last month, I meant to but got extremely distracted πŸ˜… I have another haul that I got from the mall but I won’t be posting that till later πŸ’˜ I also plan on making videos and I’ll make a post once I upload them πŸ˜†


🍬 Lace Dress 🍬


I got this dress for a upcoming cosplay *its TMI related* and I love it a lot πŸ’• Its extremely flowy and it feels great, its perfect for summer β›…

🍬 Pandora Hearts volume 5 🍬


I’ve been meaning to get this volume and I finally caved the last time I ordered off of eBay 🌸 I won’t put the synopsis since its the 5th volume πŸ’• I totally reccommend this series for anyone who enjoys manga and fantasy 🏰

🍬 Toβ€’kiβ€’o Treats Confetti Fun Expressions Hand Mirror 🍬


This sweet little mirror is super cute and even though I don’t wear makeup I had to get it πŸ˜† I love the little Micky and Minnie on it 🐭

🍬 Fearless by Cornelia Funke 🍬


Since this is the second volume in a trilogy that I’ve never heard of before I won’t put the synopsis, I also have no idea what its about 🍁 But I have loved all of the Cornelia Funke books I’ve read so far, so I don’t think she can disappoint me 😊

🍬 The Hollow Insider by Kim Harrison 🍬


This is actually a book about the world that Kim Harrison created (I’ve never read the books so I have no idea what its about) and its pretty interesting to flip through 🌹

🍬 Dracula by Bram Stoker 🍬


OK, I found this book and the next one at K-Mart and I automatically knew I had to have them πŸ˜† I’m thinking about collecting different editions of the classics because they all seem so pretty 😍 I plan on getting the others like this soon πŸ’˜

🍬 101 Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers 🍬


This is the same as Dracula, and I have no idea which stories are in here so I’m so excited to read it 🏰

🍬 Sakura’s Story by Masashi Kishimoto and Tomohito Ohsaki 🍬


Here’s a light novel that I was looking forward to getting and reading once I saw it on Instagram πŸ’• I hope I can read it soon 😊

🍬 Vintage Picture Frame 🍬


This is a prop for my pictures and I love how it looks 😍 It adds the perfect vintage flair that I’ve been wanting in pictures 🌸


6 thoughts on “May Haul

    1. I’m actually cosplaying as the Seelie Queen, but I’d also love to cosplay as Izzy 😊 Thank you! I try to include everything I got since I don’t really get many books, so it just makes it a bit longer and more to look at *I suppose πŸ˜†* πŸ˜…πŸ’•

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      1. She’s kinda wicked but you’ll enjoy her character *maybe 😜* πŸ’• Thank you, I love all the outfits you show on your bookstagram πŸ’

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