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Tokyo Mew Mew Series Review (+ A la Mode Review)

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5 girls get infused with the DNA of endangered species and defend the world from aliens and Chimera Animals as they try to take back the earth.


This entire series is so cute, its full of cute romance, battle sequences and adorable transformations. I watched the anime when I was younger and reading the manga brought back so many memories. My favorite parts were the transformation sequences and when they were working because they were dressed as maids (sort of). When we saw them at the cafe we got to see all of the girls mannerisms and personalities more instead of just focusing on Ichigo. And Ichigo and Aoyama’s romance was so sweet and once you find out everything about Aoyama, it makes Ichigo’s sacrifice at the end so much sweeter. There was another otp at the top of my list (IchigoXRyo) but that was completely dashed by the end, but from that sprung another otp which I love to bits (LettuceXRyo). Now let’s talk about Kish, I think he redeemed himself at the end because of his love and willingness to sacrifice himself for the girl he loved. All in all, I really enjoyed Tokyo Mew Mew 🐱





TMM A la Mode is very similar to the original but it does have its own uniqueness that made it its own. Berry was a super adorable addition to the Mew Mew’s and she added an element I felt was missing from the original girls (even though I do love the original team). But I do see the similarities between both series, I just believe the this was just the extra addition that it needed. And the relationship between Tasuku and Berry is super adorable, which is why they may be my top otp from TMM. But I do have one thing that is nagging me, why would they make Berry the leader when the other girls had more experience than her AND they also do mention that she is the second strongest. So when the strongest (Ichigo) came back, wouldn’t she be reinstated as leader?? I don’t know, that is what has bugged me slightly about the A la Mode volumes πŸ˜…


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