June Haul


This months haul is full of a lot of small things, no books this time because my mom said I couldn’t get any books since I got a lot at the mall πŸ™€πŸ’• I’m going to try and pair things that are similar together so it won’t be really long 🌷


🎈 Mint Purse 🎈


I’ve been eyeing this purse for a while now and finally had the chance to get it πŸ’• It’s so pretty πŸ˜†

🎈 4 Decorative Ribbons 🎈


I found these at Wal-Mart while looking for props for my pictures 🌷

🎈 Rose Decorations 🎈


Another prop for my pictures, these are meant to be glued to things but I’m using them for pictures instead 🌸

🎈 Fake Flowers (x3) 🎈


More props, I love having flowers in my pictures and will probably get more this month πŸ’

🎈 Decorative Box 🎈


This is actually holding something else that I got last month, which will show up in a bit 🎐 I have another box that is similar to this (but its bigger) but its hard to take a picture of 🌸

🎈 Tsum Tsums 🎈


I added these cuties to my collection once I found out that Wal-Mart carried them πŸ˜† Now I have to wait for them to get more new ones πŸ’•

🎈 Monster High Minis 🎈


I found out about these cuties when toy fair (I think?) happened πŸ’• They’re super adorable and I hope to get more soon 🐦

🎈 Antiques 🎈


I got these from several flea markets that we (my family) went to πŸ±πŸ’•

🎈 Crystals 🎈


When we were at the flea market there was an old man who was selling crack your own geodes πŸ’« Its super fun to crack them open to see how they formed πŸ’œ

🎈 Fans (x2) 🎈


I have loved these fans ever since I was a kid and I try to get them when I see them πŸŽ€

🎈 Straw Hat 🎈


I’m thinking about changing the ribbon on this hat and adding some flowers to it 🌹

🎈 Pop Figures 🎈


I added Luna and Harley to my Pop collection and they’re so cute, I plan on getting Harley’s Suicide Squad figures πŸ”ͺ

🎈 Oh My Girl Closer 🎈


This album is so pretty and the girls look so amazing, I hope to continue to collect Oh My Girl πŸ’• I got Arin’s photocard, so she’s up for trade for YooA’s 🎐

🎈 Kimono w/ Parasol 🎈


My mom got me this since she knows how much I love kimono’s and admire the work put into them πŸ‘˜ I have a hard time taking a full picture of the actual kimono so here’s the other things that came with it πŸ‘’

🎈 Various Mystery Minis 🎈


I love mystery minis, they are super adorable and make my manga shelves look cuter πŸ˜†πŸŒΈ


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