Recommendation Tuesday: Instagram Accounts


I decided to start something new on my blog where I recommend something every Tuesday! And to start out with I’ll be recommending some of my favorite Instagrams! 😊 I will be putting a picture of their accounts and a link to the account so you all can go give them a follow! Their accounts are so amazing and gorgeous, so I hope you all can check them out πŸ’•Β (ps: please do not steal anyones pictures, because these girls work really hard to take these and edit them!)tumblr_n1c2vq37hi1r7y61oo1_500




Jen’s account is absolutely one of my favorite bookstagram accounts, I’ve followed her since I started my first bookstagram account and have never regretted it! Here’s a link to her account:





Mai’s accounts are amazing and adorable, I found her personal (shown above) through her art account which is just as amazing! She seems like such a sweetheart so go give her some love by liking and commenting on her photos 🌸 Here’s the links to her personal and art accounts:





This account and the one up next are what inspires me on my accounts, these girls have amazing themes and their art is super gorgeous 😍 If I could I would commission them to draw out a tattoo idea that I created πŸ˜†πŸŽ€ Here’s the link:





Just like with the account above, these girls know how to keep a feed looking absolutely flawless 😍 I admire both girls (who are twins) so much, I wish I was as amazingly fabulous as they are 🎐 Here’s the link:





Last but certainly not least we have Ruby’s account, which I’ve only discovered around 2 weeks ago and fell in love with how pastel and amazing her pictures are! I have a thing for pastel feeds so it was a given, I suppose, that 3 out of the 5 were pastel themed πŸ’• Here’s the link to her account:


⚠ I’m just going to put this out there, I am in no way claiming their pictures as my own I just wanted to show off some of my favorites! And please do not steal any of their pictures! These girls work hard on everything that they put in to these accounts, so stealing the pictures is not cool 😠 ⚠


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